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Prescription Sports Glasses: Why You Need Them

by Mg Holly 19 Nov 2021

We work with a lot of athletes (from amateurs to professionals) and help them get the most from their vision. A lot of people don’t realize how impactful a pair of sports eyewear can be, but in reality, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who wears glasses. We hope that this article sheds some light on an important but often overlooked part of your gear.

Do You Need Sports Glasses?

Anyone can benefit from wearing specific sport eyeglass frames with lens technology protecting your eyes from various outdoor elements. However, it’s important to note that not every sport requires particular safety glasses. Regular glasses with impact-resistant and anti-glare lenses are often enough for activities such as light hiking or cycling.

That said, there certainly are sports that require safety sport glasses frames and all the benefits that come with specialized lenses. You should consider getting glasses for sports if you enjoy any of the following activities:

Hunting or shooting|Soccer|Tactical and military activities|Lacrosse

However, many sports activities don’t necessarily require wearing specialized protective glasses. Still, wearing them is a good idea. They include:


Some of the highest quality prescription sport glasses are designed specifically for children. As a result, if your kids love to play ball, safety glasses are a wise investment.

How To Choose The Best Sports Glasses

The most important thing to consider when choosing sports glasses is the level of UV protection the lens has. There are five different levels of translucency, ranging from clear to very dark lenses.

Lens color is another important feature to think about, as each color offers unique benefits. A wide variety of tinted lenses are available, and before making your choice, you should know which color does what.

Blue lenses can offer high contrast and cool vision.

Yellow lenses can help enhance your vision in poor lighting, which makes them perfect for foggy and cloudy days.

Orange lenses are ideal for golfers as they can enhance contrast for green tones.

Grey and colorless lenses provide minimal contrast enhancements, so they are good for everyday use.

We’ve got what you need

Now we’re talking! If you wear glasses and love hitting the slopes, skip a pair of bulky goggles that fit over your glasses and get a pair of goggles with your prescription built-in. Not only will they be more comfortable, but you’ll enjoy corrected vision with all the safety benefits of the goggles already baked in. Bonus!

This is just an example of application-specific eyewear that can make your life a little easier (and a little safer).

It goes without saying that we’ve got what you need. If you’re looking to up your game we welcome you to check out our lines. We’ll keep you safe and give you that extra boost.

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