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2020 Trending glasses with multiple choices

To improve vision, glasses lenses have been developed into many multiful functional choices; and so do frames, a stylish and trending glasses frame can worked on diferent occassions as you need.
Cateye, classical, will always find a perfect pair to make your statements in

Durns $23.95 $20.36
Poise $22.95
Secretly $21.95 $18.66
Kiko $22.95 $19.51
Shoren $36.95 $31.41
Quinny $34.59 $29.40
Krueger $34.59
Soyok $28.95 $24.61
Chiny $28.95 $24.61
Laya $28.95 $24.61
B-Mars $29.95 $25.46
Songi $28.95 $24.61

Buy chic glasses in SLLAC

Rich in styles and colors, we are always dedicated in developing the most chic glasses for our customers.
Cateye, classical, will always find a perfect pair to make your statements in

Select functional lens

The lenses you choose for your eyeglasses often will determine how happy you are with your eyewear. And most importantly, it will have a great impact for daily life. Different people have different needs for their lenses. In Sllac, we provide multiple functional lens to help you select right ones.

  • Progressive Lenses

    Progressive lenses allows you to see close-up, middle-distance and distance without needing to change your glasses.

  • Computer Glasses

    Our eyes are overexposed to blue light from digital devices everyday, by wearing a pair of anti-blue light glasses you can reduce eye strain and block blue light.

  • Reading Glasses

    Reading glasses can improve the ability to read something up close, such as a book or a digital screen.


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