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How To Choose Children's Eyeglasses

20 May 2020

With the popularity of the Internet, video teaching and various electronic teaching devices have been used in the school, and the incidence of myopia in children is also on the rise. Children are in the stage of growth and development, the degree of myopia will continue to increase due to excessive use of the eye, improper glasses, and other factors. But there’s more to it than style. So when choosing eyeglasses for children, the key to keep in mind is whether the frame is suitable, comfortable, durable, and scratch-resistant. How to choose a pair of suitable and safe eyeglasses for children? Parents should pay attention to the following points

Nose Pads

Children’s head and adults have a great difference, especially the height of the bridge of the nose, most of the children’s bridge of the nose is low, therefore, the best choice of children with glasses high nasal support, or adjustable eyeglasses. Otherwise, lens frame nose is supported low, glasses easy to stick to eyeball, touch eyelash even, cause eye discomfort.

Frame materials

Frame materials mainly divided into the metal frame, plastic frame. Most of the children’s active, pick wearing of glasses, but more casual. The metal frame is easy to deformation, broken and metal frame may cause skin irritation. While the plastic frame has difficulty in degeneration, difficult to damage, so it is recommended to use a plastic frame.


Watch the weight when choosing children’s glasses. Because the weight of the glasses is directly acting on the bridge of the nose, if overweight is easy to cause the bridge of the nose ache, serious may lead to the degeneration of the nose bone. So the weight of children’s glasses is usually below 20 offers children’s glasses with just 8 grams.

In addition to the above three points also need to pay attention to the choice of lens and frame size. From a safety point of view, children should choose safe and non-breakable resin lenses instead of glass lenses, so as to avoid eye injuries caused by broken lenses. A scratch-resistant coating is imperative in your child ‘s eyeglass lenses. On the other hand, children’s glasses should have enough visual area. Because children have a wide range of activities, try not to choose frames that produce shadows and blind corners. The frame is too small, the field of vision will be smaller; The frame is too big, it is easy to wear unstable, and the weight will increase. So the frames for children should be of moderate size.

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