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Put on sunglasses and go out without makeup

28 Jun 2020

The distance between you and the fashion icon just a pair of sunglasses

When you are making PPT, the cods in Alaska are jumping out of the water. By the time you are reading a report, the golden snub-nosed monkeys are climbing right to the top of the tree. While you are squeezing in the subway, the in Tibet eagles are swirling above the clouds. When you are arguing at the meeting, the backpackers in Nepal are raising their glass around the fire. There are some roads that cannot be reached with high heels, there is some air that cannot be smelled with perfume, and there are some people who will never meet in the office building.

Go out for a walk, whether it’s hiking or traveling. When you start a journey, don’t forget to bring your backpack, a credit card, a relaxed self, and of course, a pair of sunglasses.

Why mention sunglasses ?

Don’t doubt that it is definitely the best partner for your trip. The “freestyle” in the fashion world cannot lack sunglasses.

  • Reason 1

No longer need to endure the dazzling light, squint to see the world. Sunglasses can also block all uncomfortable light for you, and eliminate the damage caused by ultraviolet rays to electric eyes.

  • Reason 2

After the age of 25, most of the courage to travel without makeup comes from the carry-on sunglasses. Plain face, panda eyes or puffiness, bloodshot eyes and other eye problems. A pair of sunglasses can solve them all.

  • Reason 3

Say”au revoir !” to big face, collapsed nose bridge, dark circles.

  • Reason 4

In a foreign country with clear skies and good sunshine, take pictures at will in various poses while traveling and share to your social account. That will make you stand out , show your style and attitude.

Clothes make the man, nor love by wear. Once you decided to buy sunglasses, the topmost questions that will naturally arise in your mind that: How can you choose the right sunglasses?

If you prefer to go out in a fashionable way with stylish sunglasses, you must choose a certain that suits your face first.By the way, the dress up must match as well. Besides, most people find that their faces are never just one type. Your face can be between round and diamond, oval and rectangular, etc. The trick is to determine your most important feature, and then determine the type of glasses that best suits your face shape.

Choosing the most trusted and reputed store for buying your online sunglasses is also a good way to get the right answer. They will show you sunglasses with a variety of shapes.As a product that reflects personal temperament and highlights personal style, it is very important to choose a pair of glasses that suits you and you love very much. If you want to be fashionable, just go to Sllac, where there is a trendy experience that you can’t live without.

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