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How To Order
How to Buy Glasses On Sllac.com

Is it time to get new eyeglasses?

It's easier to learn how to buy glasses online than you think! Our guide will support you on every step in choosing the frames that would fit you better to enter the main information for your prescription. Read on for everything you need to know about ordering online glasses, so you can be sure to find the perfect pair (and enjoy all the benefits of shopping).

1. Know Your Prescription and Measurements

Make sure you have a backup of your existing, legitimate prescription glasses directly from your eye care provider before you start shopping new lenses. If you have no prescription, arrange an eye exam with your eye doctor.

Note - the treatments forcontact lenses and glasses are different. Not sure you've got your Rx glasses Look at our guide on how to read your glasses and contact lens prescriptions.

When you're buying glasses online, it's also important to have your glasses measurements on hand. Knowing the measurements of your current glasses will help find the perfect fit for your next pair. Just take a look at the temple arm of your existing pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses to find the right figures.

Our guides on measurement of glasses and pupil distance (PD) provide more details on how to figure out your exact fit.

2. Pick your style and size

The vast number of options you have to choose from is one of the best parts about buying glasses online! Look through our vast array of styles, frame sizes, shapes, and colors to find a pair that suits your personality and taste.

Not sure what style suits you best When narrowing down your options, remember 3 key things:

  1. Which glasses complement my shape knowing which shape you most closely resemble (heart, round, oval, or square) is the key to finding a pair of frames that suit you. If you need help finding glasses that fit your face, check out our Face Shape Glass Guide.
  2. What sort of frame shows off my specific style? After you've narrowed down the frame shapes match your design, you can pick a style that appeals to your distinctive personality. Do you prefer something with a vintage flair, or a pair that is simple and sophisticated Chances, you'll find yourself naturally attracted to a specific look – so go for it!
  3. Which frame color is best suited to me? For more tips and ideas to find the ideal color for your glasses, check out our guide on how to choose the right frame color for your glasses. You will learn which colors are recommended for your hair, eye color and skin tone.

If you've narrowed down the frame forms that match your design, you can pick a style that appeals to your particular aesthetics. You like something with a little retro flare, or something plain and elegant. It's up to you, so go crazy

I recommend that you choose a few different styles; I love having a simple pair for everyday use and two alternate pairs that I can wear to change my look. I'm searching for a frame with a tortoise pattern for my next set, so I'm going to use "Tortoise" as the color to further improve my tests.

After searching through my options, I came across the Evergreen 6049 glasses in Deep Tortoise. They're rectangular in shape, but have a softer line that won't be too harsh against my angular features.

3. Our Lenses

After you've found the perfect frame, choosing your lenses is one of the last steps to buy your lenses online.

There is a range of solutions, and you're sure to find an answer to your particular eye care needs.

Depending on your prescription and the particular usage you need from your lenses, you can choose thinner alternatives or even create your own prescription sunglasses. Both lenses come with a scratch-resistant coating and you do have the option of upgrading to high index thin lenses to guarantee that the lenses are even smaller, lighter and UV safety coating.

With a low prescription, consider choosing Standard Index Lenses with Anti-Reflective coating, which means you don't have to worry about unwanted glare blocking your vision.

For those who spend quite a bit of time in front of digital screens on a daily basis, you can also order a pair of Blue Blocking lenses (more specifically Digital Protection lenses) to wear while you're working. If you spend extended periods of time in front of your computer, phone, or television, this is a great option.

4. Place your order

Once you've put measurements in your glasses, chosen your style, and selected your lenses, the hard part of buying online glasses is over! If you have a discount code, don't hesitate to use it! You've selected your perfect couple, so you're able to try it out. Simply type your shipping information and your chosen mode of payment

In a few days' time, your new glasses will arrive, so you can slip them on.

After Buying Your Glasses Online

If you tried your new glasses and something doesn't seem right, just get in touch with us. Our Vision Care team is more than happy to answer any of your questions or concerns. You can give us a call at any point in your entire purchase journey if you want extra one-on-one support.

We want to make sure you have the right pair, so if you need to speak to us about an exchange or a return, we're here to assist with anything you need. If you're not totally in love with your glasses, including size, design, lens quality, and how your prescription fits in the case, our return policy provides free returns for 14 days after the shipping date.

Now that you've heard all about purchasing glasses online, you're ready to get going. Inside our wide variety of designs, labels, and sizes, there's sure to be a great selection of frames just waiting for you. Are you about to fall in love with your next pair of glasses?