Order And Payment
How do I place an order?
Browse the site and pick out a frame- or better yet, several frames. Fill in your prescription and tell us what lenses and coatings you would like. We’ll take care of the rest! https://www.sllac.com/help/how-to-order
Where can I get my prescription?
From your eye care professional, likely an optician or optometrist. They are required to provide you with your prescription following an eye exam.
How is SllacEyewear so inexpensive?
In short, we cut out the middlemen and retail costs while maintaining excellence. We complete all manufacturing under one roof and never cut corners on quality.
Oh no! I need to change something about my order. What should I do?
Our customer service team can fix your prescription as long as you reach out to us in a timely manner. Call 1-831-888-0086  or send an email to [email protected] and let us know how we can help you with your order. Make sure to have the order number ready before contacting us.
Do you accept FSA/HSA?
If you have an FSA/HSA card associated with VISA, Mastercard or AMEX without a password, you can insert the numbers directly into our payment page. If you don’t, just email us for an itemized receipt post-purchase and send the form to your FSA/HSA provider for reimbursement.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discovery. You can also use Paypal.
Why no confirmation email received after I pay the order?
Many people asked this question after the order successfully paid, there are several ways to resolve this issue: 1.Check whehter the email address is correct, you can check the email address in customer center or order detail page. 2.If the email address is correct and your email box can receive other emails, please check the trash box, our notification email may be blocked by your service provider, please add our notifications email address:[email protected] to the whitelist. If these two ways still not resolve the issue, please contact us through facebook messenger https://m.me/sllac or call us 831-888-0086 , don't email us, because you cannot get feedback from us through email.
How can I obtain a sales invoice
You can download a detailed sales invoice by accessing the My Orders section of your account page.
Is it possible to have double discounts on my order?
Sorry, but we do not allow multiple discounts. That means only one coupon per purchase. Also, coupons cannot be applied to any items that are currently on marked down or on sale. If you have several items in your cart, promotional codes will only be applied to full-priced items.