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So how can I tell if my glasses are blue light?

26 May 2022

With screens an unavoidable part of modern life, there’s now a lot of hubbub about blue light glasses and how they protect your eyes from harmful blue light exposure. Blue light eyewear is a welcome means to prevent eye aging and preserve vision, but how can you tell if glasses are blue light glasses?

Read on for some advice on how to tell if blue light glasses are the real deal, and how to ensure you get the best bang for your buck when you’re shopping for blue light glasses.

How to tell if glasses are blue light filtering

In the age of internet shopping, it’s difficult to know for sure if the purchase you’ve made is legit. This is especially true with blue light glasses, as it’s often hard to tell whether the lenses are actually equipped with the blue filter coating.

Many online retailers, like the ones you find on Amazon, sell non-prescription blue light lenses at a discounted price. They will sometimes send a “blue light test card” and a UV laser pointer with the glasses to convince customers that the glasses are truly filtering blue light.

While all of these extras may portray the lenses as a good option, the sellers typically aren’t credible.

The best way to tell if glasses are blue light filtering is to order them from an established, reputable optical company. Purchasing from a credible retailer that specializes in vision will ensure a quality pair of glasses that deliver what’s promised.

SLLAC’s blue light filtering lenses have been developed by experts and continue to evolve to better protect and accommodate your vision.

Building your blue light glasses from a reputable manufacturer like SLLACEYEWEAR provides peace of mind that you are getting a reliable, quality pair of specs.

Sytle Abel

Do blue light filtering glasses have a tint?

There are a variety of levels and features of blue light filtering glasses. Whether or not they have a tint depends on the brand of glasses and the amount of blue light they filter.

For instance, computer glasses sometimes come with vibrant yellow or amber tinted lenses that filter 65% to 99% of blue light. These are great for gamers or those who don’t want nighttime screen time to impact their sleep.

The only trade-off for ultimate blue light protection is that these lenses are not subtle. If you’re wanting blue light filtering lenses that you can wear all the time, computer glasses may be a little too intense when you aren’t in front of a screen.

Each lens accommodates most prescriptions, but also are available as non-prescription, making it easy for everyone to keep their vision clear and their eyes protected.

What if I don’t need a prescription?

SLLAC offers professional non-prescription blue light glasses for customers who do not need prescription lenses, more professional and more effective in blocking blue light than the average non-professional lens provider.

Non-prescription glasses Donuts $15.64 including lenses
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