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Nosepads VS Universal Bridge Fit Which one should you choose?

30 Jun 2022

Are you confused about whether to buy glasses with nosepieces or Universal Bridge Fit when you buy glasses online? This blog will teach you to choose the right nosepiece type.

Nosepad is an attachment that allows your glasses to be supported on your nose. Nosepads can be adjusted to suit your needs. A prismatic effect will occur if your vision is not in the center of the lens. Over time, this can cause eye fatigue and worse eyesight. The lenses too close to the eye will lead to blurred vision.

The material of the nosepiece will be softer than the Universal Bridge Fit glasses, reducing the pressure on the nose bridge. The silicone material of the nosepiece will also have a specific anti-slip effect.

If you have trouble with your glasses slipping, it is likely, that your nose bridge is not high enough to support your glasses. Then glasses with nose pads will be better for you. If you have trouble with the lower edge of your glasses touching your cheeks, then it is also the case that the bridge of your nose is not high enough to keep the lenses away from your face.

Those with a high enough nose bridge can buy glasses with Universal Bridge Fit. The height of the bridge of the nose is the height of the nose bulge between the eyes. High bridges can have nose pad glasses, which need to adjust as mentioned above.

Since the nose pads have these adjustable features, the most suitable glasses for online shopping are those with nose pads. Because there are many parameters to consider in eyeglasses, nosepieces that can be adjusted will allow the glasses to fit the face better.

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