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How to solve the problem of uncomfortable glasses – from a 10-year eyeglass wearer

by Mg Holly 17 Jun 2022

People with lousy eyesight spend more effort on their eyes than ordinary people. Some choose to wear contact lenses for aesthetic reasons. Others may have surgery so they can remove their glasses for good. But I’m sure we’ve all heard about the dangers of wearing contact lenses for a long time. There are also certain risks and conditions associated with corrective eye surgery. We won’t go into the details here. This article will compile some information that long-term eyeglass wearers need to know to help you solve the problem of uncomfortable eyeglasses.

Eye disease

If you are new to wearing glasses and find them uncomfortable, it may not necessarily be a problem with the glasses themselves. You must go to the hospital to check your eyes for conjunctivitis, dry eye, etc. Seeking scientific and practical medical help can be an excellent solution to eye diseases.

Psychological reasons

It is best not to ignore the psychological factor. Especially for adolescents, wearing glasses may be seen as an alien by others. More and more people choose to wear glasses nowadays, and many will use them as fashionable decorations. People are now very tolerant of glasses. Some people may have OCD and be particularly sensitive to wearing things on their faces. Then we recommend such people to find the solution from the following two points we mentioned.

Glasses lens reason

The most important thing to do is ensure that the lenses are prescribed correctly. A professional doctor should test the correct prescription. If your doctor can measure the PD for you, that is best. Because there may be errors when you measure it yourself. Your doctor may advise you on what index lenses to choose, and you should listen to their advice. 

Choose a regular and experienced eyeglass manufacturer to buy your glasses. You can choose a local store or professional glasses online store. We do not recommend purchasing low-price glasses from Amazon. Low-priced eyeglasses producers on Amazon are often not professionally qualified and inexperienced and are likely to have quality problems.
You can also choose branded lens merchants for customization, such as Zeiss Essilor. But this is often expensive.

Glasses frame reason

Eyeglasses are a mechanical structure. The right frame can share the weight well and keep the lenses in the correct position.

The width of the frame should not be too wide or too narrow. Narrow frames can make the lens range too small, resulting in too much frame presence. A wide frame will make the pupil distance inaccurate. The pupil and the lens’s centre are inconsistent, leading to visual fatigue.

Choosing whether or not to have a nosepiece according to your situation is essential. For people with a low, collapsed nasal bridge, it is not suitable to bring glasses without nosepieces. Inconsistency between the centre of the lens and the pupil can lead to visual fatigue. Most nose rests are adjustable and can be adjusted to suit your needs. Choose glasses with a quality nosepiece material. Cheap plastic nosepieces are not slip-resistant.

Pay attention to the width between the temples of your glasses. The spacing between the temples is too wide to fit the side of the head will cause the glasses to slide easily; the spacing between the temples is too narrow to pinch the head, leading to headaches.

Glasses that are too heavy overall will compress the ears and nose. It is recommended that people who are weight-sensitive choose titanium ultralight glasses for added comfort.

Lenses that are too close to the eyes can lead to unclear vision. You can solve this by adjusting the nose rest.

Choosing the right pair of glasses requires patience and may take some time and money. SLLAC offers a consultation service that will assist you in purchasing the right pair of glasses.

We hope you will all have the right pair of glasses with you.

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