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How long are prescription glasses good for?

10 Jul 2024

Do glasses have a lifespan? Many glasses-wearers may often ignore this, even if they have a long time experience wearing glasses. Just like shopping at a grocer's, people will check the item's production date and expiration date, we need to pay attention to our indispensable glasses as well.

Adults' glasses normally have a 2-year lifespan. With careful maintenance, it may extend longer; however, it may differ depending on several factors, like prescription change, quality of frames and lenses; care and maintenance. 


  • prescription change:

The glasses you are wearing are a good match for your current prescription, which means it may vary over time. That's why we need to make an appointment with our optometrist every 1 or 2 years. When you can't see clearly through your glasses, that's a sign you need to retest your vision and update your prescription for new glasses.

Regular eye exams can help us to know our eyesight better and let our eye doctor make great corrections for them before they get worse. So do regularly updated prescription glasses. Wearing old prescription glasses may cause blurry vision and headaches.

  • quality of frames and lenses:

Glasses frames work as a bridge connecting the eyes and prescription lenses, their quality and stability matter a lot. Most frames last about 2 years, and they can last up to 5 years with proper maintenance.

According to the glasses frame materials, they can be sorted into 3 types:

1. Metal frames. This will include materials like metal, titanium and mixed alloy. High quality metal frames can be durable and lightweight to wear. Yet, if you have a strong prescription, we advise you to choose high-index lenses plus premium acetate frames. The thick lenses will be a burden to flexible titanium frames and make them more easily wrapped.

2. Plastic frames. Premium acetate material and lightweight TR90 material can work well and provide you with more frame shapes and color choices. For cheap plastic frames, there may be a great risk of getting broken on the front frame or the connection of temples.

3. A combination of both metal and plastic materials. This kind of glasses normally has a plastic front frame and metal temples or a metal front frame with plastic temples. 

During usage, your glasses screws may get loose or the nose pads keep slipping from your face. If the glasses can not make your pupils in the center position of lenses, this will worsen your vision and make your eyes uncomfortable, and you'll need to constantly adjust the frame or get a new one to replace.

Different lenses have different lifespans. Like photochromic lenses, they cannot turn clear indoors and switch to dark forever. The lens's inner compositions also be invalid someday. So as the lens coatings. Even with anti-scratch coatings, there will be fingerprint smugles and minor scratches, another article explains how to repair scratches. This will distort your eyesight and make you can't see clearly through the lenses. So regular changing lenses are important to prevent this and ensure you have a comfortable wearing experience.

  • care and maintenance:

Proper care can greatly extend the life of your glasses. Using a protective case, cleaning the lenses with appropriate solutions, and avoiding placing the glasses lens-side down can prevent scratches and other damage. Additionally, regular adjustments by an optician can keep the frames in good shape.


While prescription glasses can last from one to three years, their actual lifespan depends on the quality of materials, changes in your vision, and how well you care for them. Regular eye exams, proper maintenance, and timely replacements are crucial for ensuring that your glasses continue to provide you with the clear vision you need. By paying attention to these factors, you can maximize the longevity and effectiveness of your prescription glasses, ensuring they serve you well until it’s time for a new pair.




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