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Got a round face? These glasses are for you.

30 Jun 2020

Do you know what glasses are best for your round face? I suggest you check it out here if you haven’t already. In addition to subjective opinions, there is some science principle behind choosing glasses. With the correct glasses on, you can show the natural beauty of your visage and make it look thinner, longer and clearer.

We use round frames at the bottom to make square face long. The round faces need more obvious improvement of facial contour and need to use the square face “lengthening” principle. In more detail, for men with round faces, flat or pear-shaped frames should be selected, and frames that are too round and square should not be used. In principle, women with round faces should avoid using any frames with extremely obvious characteristics. It is better to choose frames with slightly flatter and slightly warped frames, and not to use frames that are too round or straight.

The eyeglasses style & shapes for round faces

  • Square Eyeglasses

From the above, we find that the square frame is the ideal one for the round face. These frames will benefit even the roundest, completely circular of faces.

Wide frames enhance your face and even make it appear longer and slimmer.

  • Browline eyeglasses

This type of frame doesn’t add a lot of angles, but its silhouette is particularly useful, as it adds balance and creates the illusion of length, effectively slimming down the appearance of the face.

  • Cat eye glasses

If you ask me what is the most popular glasses styles for women, the cat eye glasses is the only answer. The cat eye is much favored by women because of the upswept shape that lifts the face and slims it down. This style is good for round faces or the frames with angular lines, and stay away from rounder shapes.

  • Aviators

Can round face wear aviator eyeglasses? Yes! By the way, not any style, the best choice is one that brings a squarer silhouette.

Note: Choose the frame to meet your own temperament.

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