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Eyewear Care

by Mg Holly 20 Mar 2022

Congratulations on purchasing your new eyewear! If you are a seasoned eyeglass veteran, bravo for reading up on how to care for your current material. A lot of time is invested in finding the model, color, style and fit right for you, so it’s a good idea to protect that investment by following a few simple guidelines to keep your eyewear looking snappy for years to come.

Eyewear should be cleaned a minimum of once a day, but before cleaning them, how about washing your hands first? Hands can carry a lot of dirt and bacteria that can easily transfer onto your precious eyewear, and from there, maybe elsewhere eh? Okay, now that your mitts are clean, let’s move onto how to wash your glasses properly. The most stable portion of any eyewear is the “bridge”, the small arched piece that connects the two lenses together, so handle your facial companions from this point to avoid any accidents, or bending and twisting of the frame.


Rinse your glasses well with water. This helps remove invisible, micro dust and dirt particles that make themselves at home on your glasses. If you attempt to wipe or clean before this important step, you may turn a well-intentioned clean in to abrasive lens damage.


If you plan on using a cleaning solution, select one specifically designed to clean eyewear safely. There are many products on the market, just check the label and make sure the one you choose is alkaline-free. In a pinch, a drop of a gentle, perfume-free dish washing liquid may be used.

Now gently rub (mild friction) in a circular motion to remove any smudges, dirt and debris. Don’t forget the corners, bridge, temples and nose pieces before rinsing thoroughly.


Immediately dry your glasses after washing. This will keep them in tip-top shape and prevent any foreign material from getting onto your lenses. Wipe them down with a soft, clean, lint-free lens cloth. This will prevent water spots on lenses and rust on the frame’s hardware from forming.


Speaking of lint-free lens cloths…

In fact, one cleaning cloth and a choice of case comes free with every SLLAC eyewear purchase. When not wearing your glasses, store them their case to keep them dust and dirt free, and protect them from damage.

Aren’t clean glasses great? We agree, and since we got your back (or should we say your “front”), here is “better-safe-than-sorry” list of things NOT TO DO:

  • Place your eyewear lens down. This is a direct invitation to scratches.
  • Use strong household cleaners (such as Windex!) or chemical solvents to clean your lenses and frames, they will eat away any special coatings.
  • Use paper towels, facial tissues, napkins, T-shirts, shirt tails etc. to dry or clean your lenses. Sure, they may feel soft, but their textured fibers are a big abrasive no-no for your lenses.
  • Leave your eyewear out in direct sunlight or in extreme temperature conditions (this means no more placing them on the dash of your car when parked) when not being worn.
  • Push your glasses up onto your head. Yes, it can be a great fashion look and perfect for keeping any hair out of your face, but it is a recipe for disaster to stretch your temples too wide and affect the overall fit.
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