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100 Years Of Eyewear

by Mg Holly 05 Nov 2021

hen you read the title, you might imagine those interesting eyewear styles in old photographs. But have you ever heard that fashion is a cycle? Perhaps eyewear that was previously popular in a different era will become a future fashion trend. Aren’t the exaggeratedly large frames you can find so many people loving from the 1970s?

Take a step back in time and explore this work of art that combines craftsmanship and fashion.

1920s Circle Glasses Were On Trend

Because of no differentiation between male and female styles, the round specs became extremely popular with the liberated female crowd. The round look was so wildly popular that it perpetuated through another decade and continued through the 1930s. Unlike modern round-frame glasses, the lenses of the round glasses from the 1920s were smaller and had a lower nose bridge. 

1940s The Rise Of Brownline Eyewear

The 1940s saw the birth of brow-shaped glasses, a trend that continued into the 1950s. It distinguished the thicker top of the frame from the thinner lower half, mimicking the shape of the brow. Browline glasses weren’t just popular in the 1950s–they completely dominated the eyewear business with over 50 percent worth of sales. 

1950s Cat-eye Glasses Became A Hit Of The Time

The photo of Marilyn Monroe with cat-eye glasses made this style a hit of the time. It was featured with the exaggerated upturn in the corners of the eyes which perfectly modified the shape of the face and brought a glamorous mystery to women like a ball mask.

1970s Square aviator glasses came into view

While aviators were invented several decades before this one in 1936, the square aviator with a double bridge became the defining eyewear style of the 1970s. Today, this masculine pair is also popular with the female demographic, making an interesting and unique contrast to casual feminine outfits.

1980s Sleek Metal Glasses Were The New Favorite

The trend for oversized glasses continued into the 1980s. But there are also new changes, in this stage, metal material has become mainstream. Metal material is different from plastic, able to have more design in the details. 

1990s Minimalism

The 90’s saw the rise of minimalism, and glasses were no exception to the trend. At that time, eyeglasses were more practical than decorative. Small and simple glasses became the choice of the public again. 

2000s A continuation of minimalism with the rise of rectangular glasses

Rectangular plastic glasses became popular in this era. The same period also saw invisible glasses, a modern evolution of the browline glasses of the previous century.

2010 More modern, fully transparent glasses are the order of the day

The invisible frames of the previous decade have evolved to clear plastic frames at this stage. The crisp, clear frames can give a bright look.

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