Sunglass Frames Shapes

Brownline's unique frame style sets them apart from their peers and will also make you stand out. The frame is usually at the top of the lens and does not surround the lower area. Although they have been replaced by more popular styles, we believe they will make a comeback this summer.

Angular square frame, the most classic shape is always so different.If you have a plump cheek, this is the mid-frame Angle you need to look for in order to compare the characteristics of the overall roundness.

Rectangular sunglasses are in square sunglasses on the basis of the compression of the height of the mirror, more transverse stretching, suitable for decorating the face is shorter, the face shape of the temporal bone is narrower, also is the representative of current restoring ancient ways trend at the same time. Many bloggers have been wearing them.

Don't take a bit of retro elements are embarrassed to say they are stylish. And round frame sunglasses can give your modelling to bring a feeling of oddball with restoring ancient ways, suit to the gentleman that has line strong chin most, because round lens has the effect that softens face hard line.

Audrey Hepburn often wears cat-eyed sunglasses, which are not only a retro symbol, but also a must-have item for summer or elegance. Cat-eye sunglasses look good on the round, square and triangular bottom of the heavy-duty face because the shape of the frame balances these features.

Aviator is characterized by thin metal frames and an ever-changing array of mirrors, and today almost every designer has them. They are light, have a double beam or three bars and flexible mirror legs, completely behind the ears. If your face is round or square, larger aviator sunglasses work better.

Many luxury brands have launched this kind of polygonal sunglasses with a strong sense of design, which is nothing more than a unique alternative style. These sunglasses also feature oversized frames that highlight the small and shape the face, and you can buy them at our sllac for a very good price.

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