Sunglass Frames Colors

Brown is softer than black,so the brown sunglasses absorb almost 100% of ultraviolet and infrared rays; And downy tonal make vision comfortable, let an eye not easy fatigue.

Gray sunglasses completely absorb infrared light, and most ultraviolet light, and do not change the original color of the scene. Gentle, natural colors are a popular lens choice and work with almost any frame.

If you want an effortless pair of sunglasses, plain black sunglasses are your first choice. You can't go wrong with black sunglasses of any material or shape. Whether it's square, round, large or small, and black for a pair of sunglasses, it's cool and retro. Just black itself can give a person a kind of distance feeling, when wearing black sunglasses at ordinary times, avoid by all means to wear too formal, color is too dark dress.

Tortoiseshell frames are free of age and sex. Many fashion people for the daily wear of the collocation, mainly is the basic monochrome series sunglasses, so low-key and slightly some decorative tortoise sunglasses, is not so popular.In fact, the irregular color patterns on tortoiseshell sunglasses can often add highlights to the minimalist look.

Blue is one of the most popular colors in recent years, with a fresh and transparent color, like the deep blue sea. This is a great way to go to the beach in the summer, not only to protect your glasses and skin around your eyes under the strong UV rays, but also to pair with your bathing suit in any way.

Striped sunglasses also include tortoiseshell, leopard and patterns.With a wide range of color combinations, this is an area to explore for constant innovation and one of the must-have colors for fashionista.

For those people with fair skin, gold sunglasses can be both white and high-fashion, and gold frames can give the entire face a distinctive silhouette. Gold sunglasses also is the big love of a lot of blogger now, can reflect a personality already lovely, also can match the dress of brunet fastens, show tall cool and handsome.

Orange is the symbol of lively sunshine, on a hot summer day, the sunglasses of a pair of orange can project you in crowd, add colour to your face, it is the excellent match color sheet that makes you become extraordinary tastes. And orange lens to some of the shorter wavelength of light barrier is also better.

Once pink appears, must bring girl feeling.Pink is very joker, the sunglasses of golden edge, whether it is the skirt that match to go up broken flower, still cool suit, light pink sunglasses is not make public namely, but is very attract a person.

The latest trend, translucent can let others see your eyes of sunglasses is the most in fashion goods! This frame is also invincible match with any tint lens, or gradient tint, or mirror tint, dark color with this frames are invincible cool!!

White is the contrast color of black, give a person pure feeling, and relaxed, cheerful. The white sunglasses is also one of popular color now, can foil an eye very well, make it looks very bright. It's also a good color for summer.

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