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Titanium is characterized by small density, light weight, not easy to fade, not easy to rust, and other advantages belong to the high-end of the glasses industry frame materials.There is also titanium alloy (strong), titanium titanium frame (high elasticity and strength), which refers to the frame or the main part of the material.
TR90 is a memory of polymer material spectacle frame and is the international popular light high-grade spectacle frame with moderate pull, twist can also automatically restore harmless to the human body,wear resistance and high toughness.The SLLAC recommendations also reflect TR90's gloss and stylish.
Modern metal frame is more popular titanium metal frame, or titanium alloy, such as aluminum and magnesium alloy, nickel chromium alloy, corrosion resistant, simple sense is good, strong and durable, is now more popular and common materials.?SLLAC recommends the following two metal for everybody loved by the masses, and put up effortlessly.