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How To Order
How to Buy Glasses On Sllac.com

How to buy prescription eyeglasses on sllac.com?

Discovering how to purchase glasses online is simpler than you may imagine! Our comprehensive guide will assist you at every stage, from selecting frames that suit you best to entering your prescription details. Keep reading to acquire all the essential information about ordering glasses online, ensuring that you discover the ideal pair and savor the numerous advantages of online shopping.

1. Get your frame size and prescription photo

  1. Find your old frame, check three numbers on the frame temples, the first number is lens width, second number is nose bridge width. These two measurements will help you determine the appropriate frame width for your needs. Once you find a style you like, you can refer to the frame size listed under the frame name to ensure a proper fit.
  2. If you require prescription glasses, it is necessary to have an up-to-date prescription with PD (Pupillary Distance) values obtained from your optometrist. This information will enable you to accurately fill in the prescription when placing your order. If your prescription does not include PD values, you can either consult your eye doctor for this information or measure it yourself. To provide further assistance, we have prepared a helpful guide accessible through the following link: https://www.sllac.com/help/how-to-measure-your-pd

2. Filter the frame size and choose frame shape

On the glasses landing page, filter the frame size according to the 1st step. And then you may add more filters according to your request, like gender, shape, material and color, etc.

3. Select the lenses usage and fill in the prescrition

  1. Select the lenses usage: if you need to see far, then choose "Single Vision --> For Distance"; if you need to see near, then choose "Single Vision --> For Reading"; if you need to see far、near and middle, then choose "Progressive"; if you need to see far and near, then choose "Bifocal".
  2. Input your prescrition according to your prescription values.
  3. Choose your vision type.
  4. Choose your lens package.
  5. Add to the cart.

4. Place your order

After you have added the glasses to the cart, you may redeem the coupon code there. Once the order amount is $69+ (US ONLY), then you will qualify for free standard shipping, which can be free after you select it on the checkout page. For customers from other countries, the free shipping threshold is set at $99. We offer two payment methods: Paypal and credit card; if you have store credits, you may use them together with one of these payment methods. Once the payment is completed, an order confirmation email will be sent to you.

After-Sale Service

If you need to change the frame style or prescription value or address info, we kindly request that you contact us promptly. This will allow us to rectify any incorrect details before proceeding with production. Once your glasses have been shipped, you will receive a notification email containing a tracking number. To track the progress of your package, you can visit the following page: https://www.sllac.com/trackingInfo. After the glasses are shipped, you'll receive an notification email, you may track the package with the track number at this page: https://www.sllac.com/trackingInfo. We have a comprehensive return and refund policy valid for 14 days, as well as a 6-month frame warranty. If you have any inquiries or concerns regarding your glasses, please feel free to reach out to us via [email protected]. We are here to assist you.

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