Frames and Lenses
Is there a way to try out your frames and see which ones fit me best?
You absolutely can! Click TRY ON when you've found a pair of specs you like. Just upload a photo from your device and you can try on as many of our frames as you want.
Is it possible to order SllacEyewear glasses with non-prescription lenses?
Of course! In the first step of Lens Selection select NON-PRESCRIPTION lenses.
What about prescription sunglasses?
We have the most popular sunglasses recently. You can also turn any eyeglasses frame into a pair of shades with our  tint option.
Do you offer glasses that turn into sunglasses outdoors?
Yes! We offer proprietary photochromic lenses.
What is the difference between Titanium and Steel?
Titanium is more durable and significantly lighter than Steel. It is also more resistant to corrosion and more biologically compatible. However, both metals work well for a wide range of frames.
Are there any limitations for bifocals or progressive lenses?
For bifocals, frames must be at least 28mm. Progressive lenses require a lens height of 30mm.
How do I measure my frames?
Knowing the right measurement for your frames is important when shopping for glasses online. Check the inside of the temple arm and there should be some numbers there. These numbers are your frame measurements. Check out our tutorial on how to readhttps://www.sllac.com/help/how-to-measure-your-frame-size so you can be sure you're selecting glasses from SLLAC that fit you best. If you can no longer read the numbers on the inside of your frame, you can always try measuring by hand. Just remember, when measuring frame width, you need to measure from temple screw to temple screw. For temple length, you need to measure from the temple screw to the temple tip.
Can I buy the frames alone?
Want to get some glasses and don't require a prescription? Choose "Non-prescription" lenses while in the "Usage" section of our lens selection process. You should also select this option if you plan on taking your frame to an optician and have your lenses fitted by them since SLLACEYEWEAR does not offer frames without lenses. You can remove your lenses at home once your order has arrived.
What kind of frames are sold at SllacEyewea?
SllacEyewear offers quality lenses that are checked for perfection at every step of our manufacturing process. We offer full rim, semi-rimless, and rimless frames to fit every style and budget.
The frame I want is out of stock.
The inventory information on the web page is sometimes not updated in a timely manner. If you find that the frame you want is out of stock, please contact our customer service.
What are your lenses made of?

Our 1.50 index lenses are made from CR39, a lightweight and resilient optical polymer that is almost as clear as glass but even lighter. The CR39 provides stellar optical quality and are free on most frames. They can be easily upgraded to include scratch-resistant, UV and anti-glare coating. We recommend this option for people with low prescriptions.

Our 1.57 index lenses are a polymer lens that provides a thinner lens for stronger prescriptions than standard index optical lenses.

Our 1.59 index lenses are made by Polycarbonate which was introduced in the early 1980s in response to a demand for lightweight, impact-resistant lenses 

Our 1.60/1.67/1.74 lenses are made by MR-series, which is premium, clear, strong, thin, with visual appeal and integrity. 

Below is the detail parameter of lenses:

We use free-form lenses (also called digital high-definition lenses) that are leading the industry standard. Our lenses are optimized with computer-controlled surfacing equipment that is much more precise than conventional tools. 

How are bifocal and progressive distances decided?
Typically, 60% of the lens height is reserved for distance vision and 40% for reading
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