Eyeglass Frames Shapes

The top half of Browline's lens is encased in a frame and the bottom half is held in place by a wire. Compared with full-frame glasses, the field of vision is more open. After losing half of the frame, the weight will be lighter than that of the full-frame, and it is easier to clean and maintain.

No matter be the one side that is in tide or regular, the figure that has square frames. No matter be long form face or round face, need a pair of square frame to decorate, oversize frame is one of current mainstream not only, also very good modification is fruity perhaps to.

The picture frame of rectangle is one of the most classic design, easy and decent, suit firm heavy duty man and capable female, accord with neuter tide. Angular rectangle will be better decorated face, can weaken too round face more delicate.

The round frame is usually made of acetate or metal. Women with square features should choose round or oval glasses as they soften their features. The roundness of the frame contrasts sharply with the Angle features, ensuring you get a beautiful effect.

The cat-eye frame is very versatile. Through a single classic style, you will be able to play to create an entirely new combination, from rock 'n' roll costumes to Bohemian styles and professional looks. These glasses are for anyone who needs to draw attention from a rounded cheek or a fuller jaw.

Designers are giving oval glasses more rounded, full, and increasingly bold.Additional, elliptic glasses is right the requirement of facial model is not big, wear rise not only comfortable beautiful, still have a kind of gentle and sweet fair maiden feeling, very good-looking.

Today's aviator frames have the same distinctive shape but come in a variety of colors, frame materials, and lens sizes so your aviator prescription glasses will match your own style. These glasses are better for angular faces.

Geometric frame is given priority to with large size frame mostly, it is the design that a lot of stars also like now. Geometric frames are suitable for round, oval and heart-shaped faces. Choose the frame that suits your face shape, can decorate the face shape very well.

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