Eyeglass Frames Material

Acetate Eyeglasses Frames

Acetate glasses is now very common one, is liked by young group, it is a major characteristic of light quality, good stability and robustness, and the color of the acetate frame glasses and variegated style diversity, satisfy the wearer pursuit of color, and give the customers sufficient design choice, let you gives the prize in different situations. Acetate glasses is given priority to with whole frame commonly, compare joker, very recreational and fashionable, the choice space is bigger.

TR Eyeglasses Frames

Characteristic of this kind of glasses is high wear resistance with toughness and impact resistance, popular with many young myopia love sports and it lighter than ordinary plate, reduce the pressure of bridge of the nose. And TR90 frame also has good coloring process, the color is very rich and bright color, looks alone give a person a kind of positive feeling of sunshine, and the price affordable, is a very high cost performance of glasses.

Metal Eyeglasses Frames

Metal texture is very strong, and has high hardness, not easy to scratch, not easy to wear, durable, not easy to fade and other characteristics. Metallic glasses glossiness is very good, give a person a kind of costly fashionable feeling. In addition, the metal glasses adopt advanced technology, the integrity is very strong, while paying attention to beauty, also pay attention to quality.

Plastic Eyeglasses Frames

Plastic glasses generally lean this way: taking advantage of their thicker, heavier and more rigid look to create bold and colourful statements. Because plastic frames are so much sturdier and have a much wider range of colors and styles, they make a good choice for everyone, even for kids.

Titanium Eyeglasses Frame

In the metal spectacle frame is more popular titanium metal frame.Titanium metal is lighter than general metal frame 48% not only, and still have acid alkali, corrosion resistance, high stability, high strength, good elasticity and other advantages, accord with human engineering, titanium material to human body non-toxic, without any radiation.Besides being relatively light, titanium alloy is also very resistant to corrosion and deformation.

Metal Combination Eyeglasses Frames

With the progress of science and technology now, all aspects of glasses become rich, including it's material, is in addition to a single match, but also created a variety of matches, such as texture of metal with ultra-light acetate, can make glasses daily wear at the same time, but also do not lose grace.

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