Eyeglass Frames Colors

Brown is softer than black. The brown frame can be said to be the representative of the neutral glasses, is also very versatile everyday color and applies to any material. If the friend that does not know to choose what color, can choose brown glasses without consideration.

Gray makes a person have reality, also give a person with sedate and steady sense. Accordingly, wear the glasses of gray, can give a person a kind of decorous, downy feeling. Gray is also a neutral color, so both men and women can accept, so gray is always popular one of the main colors. Especially related to metal materials, almost all use gray to convey advanced.

Black represents independence and stability.People who likes black frames, must own opinions on things, and is very disciplined. She must succeed in what she wants to do!And very classic joker, suitable for all kinds of glasses and occasions.

The tortoise frame is a must for your collection, mature and perfect for anyone who tries. The tortoise frame is a great way to go into the fall months with their brown and black undertones, suitable for anyone who wants to go from an intellectual conversation to an informal dinner.

Blue is one of the most popular colors in recent years, with the fresh and transparent colors like the deep blue sea. It symbolizes the yearning for freedom and peace in everyone's heart. This is a very suitable color for both men and women.

Gun is a kind of iron black flash cold light color, gun color does not have exact color and lustre, from light gradually to dark black are called gun color. Therefore, the color of the gun glasses showed the wearing of maturity and wisdom, easy to operate and manage, also easy to maintain and maintain.

Silver frames are a popular color for frames. Thin silver frames are suitable for most face shapes. A person with fair skin wearing silver glasses, that is to give a person a kind of delicate, elegant, classic feeling.So for the design of silver spectacle frame, choose fine silver spectacle frame is better, have a kind of feeling restoring ancient ways.

Striped glasses also include tortoiseshell, leopard and patterns. With a wide range of colour combinations, this is an area to explore for constant innovation and one of the must-have colors for fashionistas.

Green is the symbol of life, also represents environmental protection and health. While green isn't a common color for glasses, it's a great choice for spring.

The color feeling of red is warm and enthusiastic, because this red frame gives a person feeling full of passion and vigor, also represented auspicious, optimistic, happy meaning in the east.

Gold frame makes a kind of literary and artistic feeling, become popular popular spectacle frame choice. The lady wears aureate glasses frame to have the fashionable sex of a rich attitude, wear to mould a fashionable style immediately! Men wear gold frames will create an elegant, gentlemanly style of art. Whether it's casual or formal, it's super easy to wear!

Cream is somewhere between the color of camel's hair and white between an urban color. It has a white pure romance, but much more than white somewhat warm and noble. At present, cream and white is a complementary good color combinations.

Orange can let a person associate with the golden autumn, more can let a person enter joy, happy artistic conception. The glasses of orange and other color photograph collocation still can reflect very much different feeling to come out, the application of orange therefore is very extensive, also got the love of a lot of people.

Pink frame becomes the best choice of who has a young girl's heart, give a person a kind although not gorgeous but the feeling that forgets hard however, the person of skin color slant white are more suit this color. As if the moonlight at night, gentle and comfortable.

Look from a distance, the frame of transparent color appears like to have be indistinct on your face, the outline that can decorate a face at the same time lets you look more stereo, also be the indispensable color in fashionable wardrobe now, the material that basically uses is TR, be full of glossy.

Because purple symbolizes nobility, often is the color that the nobility loves to use, it is warm with calm mix, so the lady wears can appear nobility grace.But the friend that skin color is darker still do not try good, because purple also is more show black, can have opposite effect instead so.

White is the contrast color of black, give a person pure feeling, and relaxed, cheerful. The picture frame of white also is one of popular color now, can foil an eye very well, make it looks very bright. It's also a good color for summer.

The yellow frame gives a person a kind of innocence, the feeling that is full of vigor, have childlike innocence, maintain a pure heart forever in this complex and complicated world.

Patterns frequently appear in the street of various fashion bloggers, in advance of the hottest animal patterns. Pattern grain black and white, the overall color look simple and generous.

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